Welcome to Fuse Ignite, a new consultancy service built to accelerate the commercial success of rights holders in sport, entertainment, esports and lifestyle.

Introducing Fuse Ignite

For over 10 years, we’ve honed our understanding of what brands want from partnerships,
but these requirements are becoming increasingly more challenging.

Despite being sat on a gold mine, Rights Holders face a real challenge to differentiate
themselves and meet the demands of modern marketing. This can feel overwhelming and
often difficult to navigate without expert support.

That’s where Fuse Ignite comes in.

We can alleviate the burden of keeping up with the relentless pace of change and help to package
your proposition into an even more compelling investment opportunity for brands.



Helping to create compelling business cases that prospective partners simply can’t say no to


Driving an improved understanding and commercialisation of audience data


Creating and measuring high-performing digital campaigns


Leveraging the power of Ecommerce to drive new business opportunities

Here's what our clients
have to say:

“As our organisation entered a period of considerable transformation last year, we needed to take stock and ascertain what value our upcoming Digital London Fashion Week would provide to our existing partners. We also wanted to evaluate what our overall partnership estate was worth in order to drive new revenue opportunities. Fuse and their Ignite service provided a full-scale audit of our assets and additional commercial consultancy, providing us with the tools and resources we needed to do what we do best, which is getting brands excited about partnering with British Fashion. Since working with Fuse we have brought on three new partners, with their insights work being instrumental to the sales and negotiation process– demonstrating the great value they provide”

– Gemma Juviler- Commercial Director, British Fashion Council

“I have been really impressed with Fuse and their Ignite service offering, in particular their Category Intelligence Analysis suite of tools, which provided us with future-facing insights on the sponsorship market, identifying key sectors with high investment potential.”

– Ben Pincus- Director of Commercial Partnerships, Formula 1

If you are interested in finding out more about how Fuse Ignite can help you or simply want to have an initial consultation, please get in touch with [email protected]