The View from Cannes Lions

Discover some of the inspiring and insightful talks we attended at Cannes Lions and find out what the latest ideas could mean for your business

Once again, the industry descended on the Croisette for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to discuss a melting pot of ideas and reveal the latest opportunities for brands and agencies alike. For those of us from Fuse who were there, we had an enjoyable, enlightening and inspiring trip. This year the themes that emerged from Cannes Lions couldn’t have been a better fit for us at Fuse, with conversation dominated by human experience, purpose and technology.

Having published Merge Sport: How technology will revolutionise sport for fans last October, it was no surprise to see a number of speakers discussing the effects technology such as AI and VR will have on consumer experiences, especially in the world of sport.

Consumer demand to experience brands has not gone unnoticed, with panellists discussing the different ways brands can create new ways to interact with consumers. Whether that’s developing a new sonic identity, creating a human face for your brand powered by AI or building a space for people to interact with your brand in a physical immersive experience.

Finally, purpose featured heavily throughout Cannes Lions. Some tackled it from the view of big businesses retrofitting their offerings to make a positive change in the world, while others looked at how challenger brands are being set up with a clear purpose in mind, they products they sell are simply a by-product of achieving that purpose.

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