Career considerations: follow your passions and believe in yourself

Follow your passions and believe in yourself: considerations to make when starting out in your career

A panel of Fusers shared insights from their career journeys so far

Fuse recently welcomed over 30 students from the Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP) as part of a week of visits to different businesses, from tech companies to law firms, in which students are given the opportunity to learn through interactive business games, before spending a day learning about the psychology of resilience at a professional sports club.

The SMBP supports year 12 students from low income backgrounds in pursuit of a career in business. Each year, the SMBP organises this week-long programme which sees over 500 students across the UK visit over 130 companies, including Fuse, who open their doors to host an insightful day into their businesses. The programme is designed to help students develop commercial awareness and skills in team work and presenting. It aims to arm students with the experience to stand out on personal statements and CVs.

Here Fuser Ria Davies, who helped organise the event at Fuse, shares an inside look at what happened throughout the day.

This is the first year that we have participated in the programme and the day kicked off with an introduction to Fuse and the work that we do. The students were then set a brief and divided into groups to respond, with each group supported by a Fuser who helped guide them through the task.


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Following some fantastic group presentations, we wrapped up the day with a panel that saw Fusers discussing their various career paths with the aim to help inspire the students as they plan their next steps. The panel was hosted by Susie Burns, Director at Fuse, and she was joined by Alan Furby (Junior Designer), Chloe Bayless (PA to the CEO), Jamie Brown (Senior Account Executive), Emma Preston (Senior Account Executive), and Dan Sproul (Senior Account Manager).

Here are the key take outs for those just starting on their career journey:

Follow your passions

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of any job, they remain fairly consistent across a broad mix of industries, so make sure you identify what you are passionate about and aim for a degree or job that will help you fulfill that passion. We are incredibly fortunate to work in an industry where we get to work on accounts centered around our personal passions, whether that be football, music, or fashion and beauty, which helps to make work rewarding on both a professional and personal level.

Believe in yourself

“If you don’t believe in yourself, then why should anyone else,” said Dan when explaining the importance of self-belief. It is completely normal to doubt yourself and your abilities – this is something that all our panelists had in common, particularly when they were just starting out in their careers. However, a useful tip that Chloe shared to help overcome this was to surround yourself with a supportive network who can help you see your strengths and build on your self-belief.

Network, network, network

Never has more importance been placed on networking. The world is a small place and our panelists stressed this while discussing the importance of connecting with people throughout your journey. You never know when your paths will cross again!

There’s no such thing as useless work experience

The majority of people take a part time job at some point during their life, typically juggled alongside their studies at school or university. Whilst it may not seem relevant to put your experience working at the local chippy on your CV, all experience can be framed as positive – the fact that you spent countless hours talking to and serving customers translates into skills in interacting with people, building rapport and a wealth of experience in customer service. Be sure to shape all experiences into something that distinguishes you.