A Day in the Life of a Fuser

Fuse Account Manager, Imogen Hargreaves, gives us a view into day-to-day life at Fuse

What’s your role at Fuse?

I’m one of the account managers at Fuse, advising clients and managing the day to day evolution of their accounts, helping brands meet their business objectives.

One of the amazing things about my role at Fuse is how versatile the remit is. I work across both short term experiential projects and longer term retained sponsorship accounts. Experiential life is hectic and there are sharp deadlines, but you get the satisfaction of seeing a project from origination through to completion. Retained sponsorship has a more structured routine and you get to work as part of a bigger team. I love getting to do both and would struggle to pick a favourite.

What happens in a typical day?

No two days are the same! The stage you’re at within a project completely dictates not only what you work on, but where you work. I would say that throughout the year, Summer and the build up to Christmas are ‘activation phases’, we then use the in-between times to work on planning, project development and strategy.

You’re usually ready to start the opposing phase by the time it next comes around: you’re either exhausted from being onsite and are ready for the routine of an office and some planning; or you’re ready for the excitement of being out and about, seeing projects come to life after a long stretch of planning. This Summer has taken me across the country, from Wimbledon to Wigan. All of my clients are looking for something different, as you can imagine an Estee Lauder event has very different demands to a day of activation for Dacia or a launch event for Starbucks.

What do you enjoy about working at Fuse?

As a Fuser you are surrounded by an amazing team, where no one person is the same. Everyone is passionate and different things inspire them, meaning it’s a creative and dynamic place to work. We are also incredibly lucky to work with brilliant, forward-thinking clients who are willing to push boundaries and create something new.