Fuse’s favourite things about the Super Bowl 2021

Fuse’s favourite things about the Super Bowl 2021


1. Super Bowl LV marked a positive moment for diversity in sport. The Buccaneers were led by four black coordinators and two female assistant coaches, with Sarah Thomas becoming the first woman to officiate the big game

2. The Super Bowl welcomed new advertisers that benefited from a great year during the pandemic. The trading app Robinhood, the freelance platform Fiverr and the delivery company Doordash all featured for the first time.

3. Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade dropped $5.5M for their ad spot this year, but one man in the crowd recouped a reported $1.68M in media value for the brand for his short TV cameo according to Apex Marketing Group.

4. The traditional Gatorade dunk for the winning head coach net the brand a reported 375k USD in media exposure. You could have got 4-1 odds with Paddy Power that the colour of the liquid would be blue

5. The NFL rewarded 7,500 vaccinated health care workers with free tickets to Sunday’s game as a thank you for their ongoing heroism. Winners were chosen from the local Tampa Bay area strengthening bonds between the NFL and communities.