Shahin Rasti joins BAME2020 as Ambassador

Shahin Rasti joins BAME2020 as Ambassador

BAME2020 has the aim of ensuring 20% of all marketing and communications professionals come from a BAME background

BAME2020, led by Amanda Fone and Adrian Walcott, is focused on increasing the number of people from BAME backgrounds working and having successful careers in the marketing and communications industry, by challenging the belief that the marketing and communications industry is not a serious career option for BAME graduates & school leavers. The organisation looks to do this by showcasing the many and varied career paths inside the sector and shining a light on BAME success stories.

Shahin Rasti, an account director at Fuse working on the Santander account, has recently joined their community of ambassadors. Here he discusses his story:

After graduating from University, I was motivated to combine my personal passion of sport with my professional interests in business and marketing. What I enjoy the most is the variety of my work: content – one day I could be creating a strategy for Santander’s global brand ambassador – Ronaldo, and the next I could be pitching for a piece of new business with our Data and Insights team.

The two highlights that spring to mind are moving to Germany and working for the International Paralympic Committee in the lead up to Rio 2016, and more recently- managing and delivering Santander’s activation at the Champions League Final, within their home city of Madrid.

I have been very fortunate to work under a number of industry trailblazers throughout my career- Jackie Fast (Slingshot), Jane Ratcliffe (MediaCom) and Louise Johnson (Fuse), but the people I look up to the most are my parents, who gave me every opportunity to succeed both professionally and personally.

I still have a lot that I want to achieve within the industry but I think what has served me well to date is a constant strive to learn more and adopting a growth mindset.

In terms of the lack of BAME talent inside sports marketing, I think what has been most apparent is the lack of a collective effort to address such a critical issue. Change will only happen if we prioritise consistent, industry-wide action. The limited number of senior role models can be very disheartening for BAME professionals, causing a negative cycle and perception around career trajectory, which ultimately limits the progression funnel.

I feel I can play an important role in mentoring young members of the BAME community on how they can build a successful career path within this sector, as well as increasing awareness of ongoing initiatives.

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