Fuse at the UEFA Champions League Final

A view from Creative Director, Nikki Sulentic, who headed to the Finals with Fuse for the first time this year

Mind. Truly. Blown.

My response to anyone who asked me ‘so what have you been up to recently?’

I was fortunate enough to join the (very extensive) Fuse team working at the UEFA Champions League Final 2019 in Madrid.

For someone fairly new to Fuse, who has never attended a UEFA Champions League Final, let alone worked at a client activation of such scale, my mind was blown. I’m not sure all the efforts into making such an event happen are truly understood by those who’ve never worked on such a massive scale project.

Working on a behind-the-scenes film for Fuse’s efforts around the Final gave me a deep insight and enormous pride into everything that Fuse does in making such an event happen. Ticketing, transport, managing talent, clients, festival activations, the opening ceremony… pretty much everything… ensuring all Fuse staff are hydrated, fed and happy, the list goes on and on.

I only wish I’d seen the previous 12 month’s-worth of efforts going into the Final and the surrounding activations for our three clients sponsoring the event – PepsiCo, Nissan and Santander. No rest for the wicked – our team has already started working on next year’s UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul.

Work aside, one thing that really stuck out was everyone’s willingness to help each other out. There wasn’t a moment where someone wasn’t eager to go the extra mile, and doing it all in the dry, 35-degree heat. The proof? The success of each of the teams (and the impressive sunburn of one of our talented Senior Account Execs. You know who you are.)

The UEFA Champions League Final 2019 was a definite career highlight for me and I’m so proud to be part of the outrageously talented and enthusiastic team *chokes on tear*.

We look forward to Istanbul 2020!