ACTION: Using brand partnerships to raise awareness of men’s mental health

CALM wanted to raise awareness around men’s mental health to help remove the stigma around talking about how they feel within society. We secured a partnership between CALM, Lynx and Topman that aimed to tackle male insecurity and encourage men to talk about themselves and the way they’re feeling.

CREATES: Using powerful photography to challenge perceptions of traditional masculinity

The partnership formed part of Lynx’s ‘Find your magic’ initiative that encouraged men to ignore the cultural pressures and labels that dictate what it means to be a man. We developed a social campaign featuring interviews with 30 Lynx partners that was  rolled out across Lynx’s social channels.

Alongside this, Lynx lent its support to The Calm Photography Movement’s Getty Images Gallery exhibition. The movement was founded to help men express their emotions through photography. The exhibition displayed winning entrants from a recent amateur and professional competition to highlight the role that photography can play in challenging perceptions of traditional masculinity.

IMPACT: Raising awareness and donations for CALM

The exhibition raised £18,000 for CALM and some of the selected images will be used for future Lynx social campaigns.

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