CLINIQUE PURITY PATROL: Cutting through the noise of product launches in the beauty industry

Action: Using experiential marketing to communicate key product messaging

Clinique asked Fuse to cut through the noise of beauty product launches and create brand awareness & excitement for the UK launch of its new Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly Anti-Pollution product. It’s a 24-hour skin hydrator that locks strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and improves resiliency. This anti-pollution skin care has proven results in making skin 87% less vulnerable to pollution. The launch had to communicate the key product messaging around awareness of pollution levels.

Create: Clinique Purity Patrol, engaging customers with rides in pollution-free rickshaws

For the launch, we created the Clinique Purity Patrol: bespoke rickshaws, sealed from pollution and installed with air filtration systems. To raise further awareness, we kitted out our drivers in boiler suits and pollution masks.

The convoy was sent to three of the UK’s most polluted cities: London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Clinique offered customers complimentary journeys across town, giving people a respite from the high pollution levels. Passengers were also treated to a complimentary sample of the Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly Anti-Pollution product, to ensure their skin remained protected for the rest of the day.

Impact: Providing a unique experience for customers increased sales

Clinique’s Purity Patrol was met with delight by customers, with customers remarking, “Thank you so much for the ride, definitely a fun part of my weekend!”. More importantly, it successfully communicated the messaging behind the product, with people saying, “I had never considered the effects of pollution on my skin until now,” and “We really need something like this in London because the streets are so polluted.” Over 400 consumer traveled in the Purity Patrol and 10,000 samples were distributed across three cities.