DACIA: #FairPlay Awards activating RFL sponsorship

DACIA: #FairPlay Awards

Action: Activating Dacia’s sponsorship of the RFL

We were tasked with activating Dacia’s sponsorship of the Rugby Football League (RFL) managing all aspects of the partnership, from strategy to delivery to measurement. Dacia wanted to continue to build brand association with the RFL while building brand trust with the RFL community. The sponsorship activations also needed to create new opportunities for conversion.

Create: #FairPlay awards champion grassroots Rugby League

In 2017, we forged a new role for Dacia in its partnership with the RFL as ‘the supporter of grassroots Rugby League’. We delivered this through an integrated campaign, the Dacia #FairPlay Awards, with social media at its heart. The campaign also encompassed live events, PR, press and radio media, as well as direct marketing to community clubs.

The #FlairPlay Awards were a nationwide competition to find and champion grassroots players with the best flicks, tricks, and skills with a rugby ball. Players were invited to submit their videos via social media with the aim of impressing our panel of judges, made up of current players and ex-professionals, for a chance to win a unique Super League event for their local community club.

Outreach via owned channels, social media, PR, paid media, Super League clubs and direct mail to over 400 clubs drove entries and increased campaign awareness in the core community.

Winners were announced at the Dacia Magic Weekend, championed through in-stadia announcements and LED boards. The winners were also given a VIP experience, presenting the match ball onto the pitch.

At each local community club Super League event, local Dacia dealers were invited to meet one of the clubs in their community. Each dealer activated fun rugby-themed activities for the attendees and presented the club with gifts from Dacia to provide a legacy to the activations.

The dealerships also played a key role in positioning Dacia as ‘the supporter of grassroots Rugby League’ across the country. With the support of a specialized toolkit, dealers were empowered to engage with their local Rugby League clubs to negotiate and activate localized partnerships themselves, taking their involvement in the campaign beyond just the final #FlairPlay events.

Impact: Changing brand perceptions and building fan trust

The campaign delivered tangible results for both Dacia and the Rugby League community, achieving the objectives of championing the community, changing brand perceptions and building fan trust.

  • Overall brand opinion rose across 100% of the Rugby League audience during the 2017 campaign
  • Dacia saw a 10% brand awareness uplift
  • £7.64m in media value through partnership assets (16.2:1 ROI)
  • 4.99m unique users reached on Facebook
  • 5.5m views across all video content
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