Grey Goose x Everyman Cinema partnership

Action: positioning Grey Goose at the forefront of cinema culture

Grey Goose has had a long-standing relationship with film and cinema, maintaining a strong presence each year at Cannes Film Festival and the Golden Globes. We were tasked with identifying the perfect property and proposal to celebrate this association in the UK.

Create: a partnership that reached an experience-seeking audience

Everyman, with its luxury boutique venues, was the perfect environment for Grey Goose to engage an experience-seeking, upmarket audience. The elevated, immersive cinema experience – with cinema goers having food and drinks, including cocktails, brought to their sofa-style seat whilst watching the film – perfectly complemented the premium positioning of Grey Goose and could both encourage drinks trial and improve brand perception.

We secured a partnership that ran for nine months across all 28 Everyman cinemas, giving Grey Goose access to cinema goers through on-screen activity as well as presence within Everyman’s luxury bars, exclusive screenings and events. Everything was co-branded to ensure Grey Goose was fully immersed into the fabric of the cinemas – even hosting events to celebrate the opening of two new cinemas during the campaign.

Grey Goose created a series of beautiful bespoke art house assets with a co-branded ident, which played out in the Silver Spot for the duration of the partnership and in front of all members’ preview screenings. These were also used across Everyman’s digital assets, magazine, owned and earned channels and in foyers and bars with a bespoke Grey Goose serve on the menu.

Impact: increasing the number of people who drink Grey Goose vodka

Partnering with Everyman’s boutique cinemas gave the campaign the real wow factor, with Grey Goose’s beautiful and iconic assets delivering 17.9m impressions over nine months. The partnership contributed to an increase in volume of people drinking Grey Goose vodka.

You can read more about the partnership in Campaign here.