LAY’S UEFA CHAMPIONS FESTIVAL: Delivering an engaging fan experience

Action: Showcasing Lay’s new visual identity

The UEFA Champions Festival is an annual event taking place at the UEFA Champions League Final in the days surrounding the game. At this year’s UEFA Champions Festival, Lay’s and Fuse worked together to develop a best-in-class brand experience at the UEFA Champions Festival showcasing the new Lay’s visual identity, whilst bringing to life the regional “Show Your Emotions” marketing campaign.

Create: Creating an experience for fans to express their football emotions with an experiential marketing campaign

Lay’s and Fuse worked together to create an experience zone at the festival for fans to express and share their football emotions in a fun, exciting and flavourful way. A lounge area was the perfect place for fans to relax and immerse themselves in the world of Lay’s. They watched the screen wall whilst sampling the local crisp varieties. Three highly immersive photo booth experiences encouraged fans to express their football emotions whilst engaging them in different elements of Lay’s global and regional campaigns:

Keep on Moving: showcased Lay’s new visual identity. The aim was to activate the booths backdrop radiating lines. Hence, fans had to react to a UEFA Champions League goal clip of one of the finalists with movement.

Follow the Squad: incorporated the regional SuperSquad campaign. Fans had to match super squad characters as they stuck a series of celebratory poses.

Make Some Noise: celebrated the new Hot & Cool crisp flavors. The aim was to turn the backdrop from blue to red using noise sensors. Fans had to react to a UEFA Champions League goal clip of one of the finalists by shouting as loudly as possible.

Fans who took part in the interactive photobooths were rewarded with a SuperSquad crisp pack linked to the experience they had taken part in.

Impact: Increased footfall at the UEFA Champions Festival for Lay’s

The total Champions Festival footfall rose from 100,000 in the previous year, to 150,000. We achieved 11,371 customer engagements across the three booth activations and over 18,000 crisp samples were given out to fans.

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