MARTINI: 72 Hours of Racing Success for Martini


Activating Martini’s partnership with Williams Martini Racing to support the global brand relaunch, positioning Martini as the go-to drink for Aperitivo moments and increase consideration with a younger audience.


We developed a cross-platform content partnership with Vice, Spotify and Time Out, using the F1 season as an opportunity to explore the various Grand Prix locations and their own local Aperitivo moments. ‘Play with Time’ looked to inspire people to have better ‘Martini Time’ with friends. Our team oversaw end-to-end project management, including idea generation, partner management, talent selection and management and overseeing the creative approval process. Vice, Spotify and Time Out each developed their own content, which was seeded across their platforms to create a celebration of each Grand Prix host city’s Aperitivo moments.


The content had over 38 million views and listens throughout the F1 season.

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