2019 UEFA Champions League Final: Delivering a world-class Opening Ceremony performance presented by Pepsi®

2019 UEFA Champions League Final: Delivering a world-class Opening Ceremony performance presented by Pepsi®

ACTION: Raise global awareness for Pepsi with an impactful Opening Ceremony performance

For the past two years, Fuse has been tasked with supporting Pepsi to identify and secure a globally renowned artist to perform at the UEFA Champions League Final Opening Ceremony, presented by Pepsi. The chosen artist would need to drive awareness for Pepsi and the world’s biggest game in European club football, enthusiastically support the promotional plan through digital, social & PR levers, and deliver a truly world class show that could attract new audiences to UEFA.

CREATE: Partner with Grammy Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons for an electric Opening Ceremony

When presenting the right artist, we had to ensure that they were culturally relevant, wouldn’t alienate the football audience and would put on an epic show – both for the in-stadium audience in Madrid and the millions of viewers watching digitally and on broadcast around the world.

Pepsi and Fuse identified Imagine Dragons, named Spotify’s most-streamed group for 2018 and boasting a fan-following all over the world. Known for smash hits including “Believer,” “Radioactive” and “Thunder,” Imagine Dragons would rock the stadium with their signature sound and energy, building an electric atmosphere and getting fans buzzing minutes before kick-off at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid on Saturday, June 1st.

To draw attention to the Opening Ceremony and create an appointment to view, together with OMD and Pepsi, a fully integrated global promotional plan was cooperatively developed. Through a mix of paid Pepsi social and paid and organic support from UEFA and Imagine Dragons, the program was able to reach more than 579 million people worldwide.

Ahead of the performance, we acted as central project management between talent, key international stakeholders and the production company, managing all talent approvals through the campaign, budgeting and promotional shoot deliverables. Whilst on-site in Madrid, we managed all talent logistics from accommodation to transport.

IMPACT: An epic performance with a positive fan response and huge promotional content reach

The UEFA Champions League Opening Ceremony presented by Pepsi was viewed globally 117 million times across broadcasters and digital channels. The performance was incredibly well-received by both those in the stadium and those watching remotely, with an overwhelming 95% positive sentiment from the collective audience.

The promotional content had a reach of 579MM, 1.6B impressions, 43MM engagements and 147MM views. Global press coverage from the artist announcement through performance generated more than 1,000 articles across music, sports and cultural press, earning 1.2 billion media impressions with more than $23 million in estimated ad value. The Pepsi PR team secured talent interviews with some of the most influential global media outlets, including Billboard, ESPN, NME and Sky Sports.


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