Royal London: One Day Cricket PR

Action: Boosting brand awareness with PR

One of Fuse’s first PR clients, in 2015 Royal London tasked us with further amplifying its cricket sponsorship through PR media channels. We needed to use Royal London’s contractual access to key talent to boost brand awareness and reach amongst its key audience: cricket fans. The media had to align with men’s and women’s teams, international and domestic competitions.

Create: Developing a strategic PR approach with a focus on storytelling

The approach started as purely tactical with announcements of the partnership and low-level activity. We then developed our approach to be more strategic and align activity with key players in key moments throughout the cricket calendar to drive engagement.

The first few years of our PR campaigns focused on conveying the quirky Britishness of Royal London and cricket. We created experiences that pushed players to embrace the unusual and give the media insights into their personalities off the field. This included steel drum lessons, running a bar and Sri Lankan cooking.

In 2018, the strategic approach to cricket switched to focus on the independent spirit of cricket players and Royal London. We told the stories of the individuals who have progressed the game through new shots like the Scoop and the Nat-meg. We told the stories through explanation and coaching of the shots they made their own. We targeted traditional media across both national and regional titles to reach the cricket audience. This has led to deeper storytelling and engaging a wider audience.

Impact: Brand awareness amongst cricket fans at an all-time high

Over the past three years, opportunities to see increased from 121million to 1.4billion from our PR campaign. As a result, brand awareness amongst cricket fans is at an all-time high.

To read about our brand activation work for Royal London click here.

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