SAN MIGUEL RICH LIST: Creating brand experiences

SAN MIGUEL RICH LIST: Bringing a brand to life with an experiential event

Action: Launching the San Miguel Rich List with a branded event

Each year, San Miguel discovers people from around the world who pursue a different kind of wealth to create The San Miguel Rich List. The list is a unique group of men and women who value experiences over any possession. We were tasked with launching and celebrating the 2017 San Miguel Rich List through inspirational stories and experiences that showcased the meaning of ‘life rich’.

Create: Getting hands-on with five immersive brand experiences

We managed the entire event from venue scoping, guest comms, ideation, design, production, and delivery.

Over 200 guests arrived at the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House for an immersive evening of experience seeking. People entered through a custom-built treehouse to find a gallery displaying all of the Rich List 2017 members’ profiles. Guests had the opportunity to get hands-on and feel inspired through five immersive experiences based on a different member of the Rich List. Highlights included:

  • A sensory experience that challenged guests to complete a low mountain obstacle course while blindfolded
  • An optical illusion created lights and mirrors maze that seemed never ending
  • A mixology masterclass invited guests to make San Miguel’s take on a margarita and old fashion: a ‘San Rita’ and ‘San Miguel Fashioned’

At the end of the night, guests exited through an area decorated with quotes from the Rich List members to ensure they left feeling truly inspired and motivated to lead a rich life.

Impact: Delighting clients, customers, and Rich List members

The event garnered excellent feedback from clients, customers, and Rich List members, with the VP of marketing in Carlsberg Group saying, “It’s always inspiring to see a brand brought to life at an experiential event and I thought the night was a great showcase for the brand and the Rich List property itself.” 68 pieces of influencer content were created following the event with over 88,000 people engaged across social media.

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