ŠKODA & THE PRINCE’S TRUST: Creating an emotional connection with a purpose-led approach

Action: Less talk, more action in new brand positioning

In 2017, ŠKODA launched its new brand positioning ‘Driven By Something Different’. A year after the launch, ŠKODA asked PHD Sport and Entertainment to help it develop from just talking about its new positioning, to taking real actions that demonstrate its commitment to being ‘Driven by Something Different’.

Create: ŠKODA Driver’s Seat Initiative, celebrating young people who show a Driven by Something Different attitude

Our sector, audience and societal insights uncovered that ŠKODA’s key audience, the ‘Progressive Modern Mainstream’, are more socially conscious than the average consumer and have an expectation that the brands they engage with should be active in this space. For example, 88% think companies should achieve their business goals while improving society and 93% want to see more brands support social issues.

Using these insights, we developed a unique, purpose-led positioning for ŠKODA with its Driver’s Seat Initiative. This bespoke CSR programme was launched in partnership with The Prince’s Trust and Paloma Faith, who herself was helped by the Trust when she was a teenager.

For young people with a passion for the arts, who want to gain new skills to better themselves and their community, The Driver’s Seat Initiative offers young people a chance to reshape their futures. The 5 day ‘Get Started’ programme, in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust, equips young recruits with the skills and confidence to go on to achieve their goals. Each course culminates in a group activity to showcase what they have learned over the week and celebrate their achievements. In the six months following, ŠKODA’s Driver’s Seat Initiative Champions keeps in touch with the participants, to help them achieve their ambitions.

The partnership allowed ŠKODA to celebrate people who show a Driven by Something Different attitude – independently minded people who are confident in their own skin and want to make a positive impact on the world around them.

We launched the initiative in an integrated media partnership with The Guardian to recruit, amplify and deepen audience understanding of the work that ŠKODA does with The Prince’s Trust. The partnership included video content and written articles that focused on three individuals who had been through a Driver’s Seat Initiative course, highlighting the struggles facing young people and what they had gained from the initiative.

Impact: Rising brand consideration and purchase intent

The result was an initiative that allowed ŠKODA to bring it’s positioning to life through a purpose-led partnership. The campaign achieved:

  • 9% uplift in brand consideration
  • 1% uplift in purchase intent YOY

The success of the campaign was recognised by The Prince’s Trust which awarded Skoda a Partnership Award in the Working Together Award category which recognises the company who has best collaborated with another organisation or organisations as part of their partnership with The Prince’s Trust.