In a featured article on Marketing Week, Louise Johnson, CEO of Fuse, shares insights into the potential of Women’s Football.

For Louise Johnson, the CEO of Fuse, the Omnicom global sports marketing agency, recent successes in women’s football have cemented the place of women’s sport on the agenda, however, she says that isn’t enough – and the way brands activated around the World Cup should have been stronger.

Brands still had a focus on the “parity story” says Johnson. While this is still important, and there’s still work to be done around it, she says there remains a “very big white space creatively” for how brands engage with women’s sport beyond the obvious headlines.

“It’s not being utilised by brands using women’s sport, particularly football, actually,” she adds, noting there’s a “big opportunity” for brands to own this creative gap.

Female players have become household names, and are much more accessible to brands now, says Johnson: “The parity story is super important, but I do feel we can be elevating women’s football, in particular, and the athletes in a more creative, storytelling-led way.”

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