The Super Bowl may be a sporting fixture based in America, but it is an advertising moment heard across the world. For brands, taking centre stage on this night requires a heavy investment and creative prowess to drive results. And with CBS having sold out its Super Bowl commercials earlier than expected, competition for audience attention will be fierce.

Priority for brands is know your audience so you invest in creative and placement that is sure to score a touchdown – a 2024 survey shows that a majority (69%) of respondents favour funny ads while 40% of Gen Z say a firm ‘yes’ to casting influencers; however, brands must leverage the data and insights they have about their audience to maximise the opportunity and ultimately drive business back.

They must create a 360 plan and supplement the main ad with social touch points as the Super Bowl appeals to a broad church and additional digital activation adds momentum and keeps the conversation going. Take PepsiCo, for instance. With its newest brand Starry, they have solidified brand awareness through digital creative on their TikTok channel.  Or DoorDash, which has developed a genius way to hack the event and remain relevant across every commercial.

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