TUBORG: Journeys of musical discovery

Action: Global Partnership Campaign

When Tuborg wanted to refresh its approach to music it asked Fuse to design and implement its first global campaign in this category.

We had to shift Tuborg’s approach, giving people opportunities to discover music by creating content built for the digital era that centered around cultural discovery and collaboration. But Tuborg isn’t a record label, we needed the right partner to take this creative journey with us. Simply associating with artists wouldn’t work, we had to make stories and music that would resonate with Tuborg’s cross-continent audience.

Creates: Tuborg Open, creating new music with global collaborators

Using social and digital insights, we identified a global partner who embodied this spirit of discovery: Major Lazer. We then created Tuborg Open, a partnership which saw Major Lazer create brand new tracks with massive local artists from Tuborg’s markets including Scriptonite and Chris Lee. Each track used the same Tuborg Beat combined with the local influences of the collaborators to bring a unique sound.

The global youth media company, Vice, was chosen to tell the collaboration stories, showcasing Tuborg as the facilitator. It launched with an ad featuring Major Lazer in a ‘Beat Brewery’ and documentary content was created with talent from India, Russia, and China. Culturally influential audiences were targeted through an editorial series on unique music scenes in Tuborg markets.

The campaign culminated in TBRGOpenFest; a festival experience in Moscow streamed on Vkontakte. Working with this new global partner, Major Lazer, we gave audiences entertaining content with genuine cultural impact.

Impact: Chart-topping audience engagement

The result was a complete shift in Tuborg’s approach to music that re-engaged audiences, rebuilt relevance in music culture and contributed to real business growth in all markets. Eight of the tracks we created charted, with our main release in Russia reaching #2 on Apple Music and China’s track achieving a Top 3 position on the six biggest streaming platforms. We achieved over 100 million views of our content and 60 million views of the music videos within the first four months, with a 26% higher completion rate than average across channels, and 93% positive sentiment.

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