Merge Sport | How technology will revolutionise sport for fans

Launch of first ever Fuse publication looks to the future of the sports experience for fans and the associated implications and opportunities for brands and marketers

Fuse has published its first ever book Merge Sport | How technology will revolutionise sport for fans which sets out how technology such as AI, virtual personal assistants, mixed reality and wearables will completely transform the way we experience sport over the next ten years.

Drawing on insights from experts across the worlds of sport and tech including Al Guido, president of the San Francisco 49ers; Twitter director of sports partnerships, Theo Luke; Twitch director of global sponsorships, Nathan Lindberg and Intel Sports director of planning and strategy, Paul Kandel; Merge Sport discusses the future of live sports, immersive at-home experiences and the new landscape for sports content.

What the sports experience will look like for fans

Soon you won’t just lean back and watch a match. Virtual reality will put you on the pitch, watching the game through the eyes of your favourite player. Your AI-powered virtual personal assistant will make sure you catch the best events, creating personalised highlight reels with the most exciting moments from matches you don’t have time to watch. How and when you view will be up to you. If you’d rather catch a game at a stadium, your virtual assistant will arrange every detail, from tickets to transportation, to finding your seats to having refreshments ready when you get there. Players and fans will interact more than ever, as the walls between the audience and athletes come tumbling down.

What does this mean for brands?

The next decade could be the most technologically transformative in human history. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and wireless connectivity are poised to remake society, economics, politics, art, and media. Sports could be the most radically transformed space of all.

Brands and rights holders will need to adapt to a completely new model for sponsorship and sports marketing to make the most of the opportunities this change brings. The business of sport will be reshaped in this landscape and the beginnings of this new world for sport are already here. Merge Sport will show you how it starts, and where it’s all going.

Merge Sport | How technology will revolutionise sport for fans is currently available via Amazon https://amzn.to/2Chq3xx