Fuse’s Fearless Females

Our Fusers share their International Women’s Day heroes


Ellen Healy, nominated by Hannah Colbourne

“Ellen is the epitome of an inspirational women and leader. Immensely knowledgeable, highly creative and committed to excellence. I have learnt a huge amount form Ellen over the four years I have worked alongside her. Thank you Ellen!”

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Serena Williams, nominated by Francesca Rondilone

“Serena is a great sportswoman and has fought several social stigmas throughout her life. However, the thing that strikes me the most about Serena, is her determination and willingness to never give up on and off the court.

Winning 23 Grand Slams is a huge achievement for any tennis player, however achieving this whilst 2 months pregnant really proves that we can do everything we dream of as long as we are willing to work hard for it. If I think of a few words that describe Serena which really resonate with me, they are: determination, strength and humbleness.”

Watch this motivational by Serena Williams

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, nominated by Shahin Rasti

“AOC is an inspiration to me and thousands of others because she represents true change and progressiveness, not only within modern politics but more importantly, western society. She has this relentless nature about her that is all about threatening the status quo in order to make the world a better place, battling through numerous barriers (race, class, poverty, gender, age, family loss) to be where she is today.

A feature in TIME Magazine described her as having this ‘youthful impatience’, which I really admire, and a characteristic which is lacking so severely in British politics. She has been branded as the best storyteller since Obama, which given the industry I work in, makes her so inspiring and easy to look up to.”

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Emma Watson, nominated by Ria Davies

“As a UN Goodwill Ambassador and advisor on the G7 Gender Equality committee, she has played major roles in activism, which is bloody impressive at the age of 30. Following her over the years has really cemented her in my mind as a voice for change. During her UN speech from 2014 she famously said of her decision to speak up around gender equality – ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’ ”

Watch Emma Watson deliver her speech at the HeForShe Campaign 2014

Vanessa Kingori MBE, nominated by Susie Lowe

“Vanessa Kingori MBE is a multi-award winning business women as the Publishing Director at British Vogue as well as being a youth and diversity advocate. Her role has involved a significant shift in the brand’s business strategy with an emphasis on diversity of perspective, social responsibility and female empowerment. She has used her powerful platform and has led and inspired change within the industry.”

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