My journey with Fuse began when I attended an IPA Unlocked Day and was captivated by the intriguing projects they were undertaking. The panel discussion not only piqued my interest but also fuelled my desire to apply to Fuse as a graduate, aligning with my previous plans to attend university. However, when the opportunity for an apprenticeship arose, I recognised it as an amazing chance to merge my two primary passions: sports and media.

In my current role, I am immersed in learning and gaining insights across various functions that position Fuse as a prominent player in the media and marketing sector. One notable project involved coordinating and activating a charity fundraising event for HSBC and Shelter. This experience allowed me to actively contribute to my first event and participate in discussions to enhance the partnership for the upcoming year.

Additionally, I am currently involved in another account where I play a role in the talent selection process. Providing qualitative research to inform decision-making has been a valuable aspect of my responsibilities. I also contribute to the monthly newsletter sent to clients, showcasing examples of noteworthy initiatives within the sports sector by major companies. This not only informs the client but also stimulates discussions for their future campaigns. I eagerly anticipate my next rotation, where I will be working on a new account.

What sets Fuse apart for me is its inclusive and collaborative culture, coupled with an unwavering dedication to assisting clients and fostering a dynamic, enjoyable work environment.