Brand awareness | Proving sponsorship delivers for Royal London

ROYAL LONDON: Sponsorship holds its own in the marketing mix

Action: Proving that sponsorship delivers on prompted brand awareness

Fuse has been Royal London’s agency partner for its sponsorship of One-Day Cricket since 2014. Traditionally, the partnership has been used to drive awareness amongst cricket fans. This year, Royal London wanted to understand how the partnership affects wider brand awareness outside of this audience, relative to the rest of its media mix.

Create: Integrating sponsorship into the analytics space

To enable Royal London to measure the impact on prompted brand awareness, our measurement team developed a new offering, known as the Partnership Exposure Score (PES). PES leverages the data capabilities across Omnicom to enable brands, rightsholders and agencies to discover the true exposure of their partnership properties over time, across all touchpoints.

While the ability to help prove the media value of sponsorship and show trends over time in a partnership is powerful in its own right, Royal London found that the biggest advantage of PES was that it could be integrated into its existing marketing analytics.

Working together with Fuse, Royal London’s marketing analytics team was able to isolate the impact of its cricket partnership on prompted brand awareness. Not only this, but for the first time it was able to measure the success of its partnership in the same way it does for other channels. This meant that the client could benchmark the overall success of its partnership with One-Day Cricket.

This work represents a true collaboration between client and agency to prove that sponsorship goes beyond driving brand metrics among fans.

Impact: Sponsorship overperforms when driving awareness

This collaboration between Fuse and Royal London was able to show that the client’s partnership with One-Day Cricket was:

  • The third most efficient channel at driving prompted brand awareness per £1m, beaten only by traditional TV (brand and direct)
  • 9% better than the channel average, outperfoming other channels including Radio & VOD at driving prompted brand awareness and as effective as TV sponsorship