Music brand partnership | Glade x Spotify

Glade x Spotify music brand partnership

ACTION: Creating an emotional connection through partnerships

Glade, SC Johnson’s fragrance brand, was looking for a way to bring to life the launch of its three new Spring fragrances.

CREATE: Partnership management and campaign activation

Music was identified as a key audience passion. Millennials carefully curate online playlists to escape reality, intensify their emotions or set the mood for an occasion – experiences that could all be more powerful if amplified through scent. By partnering with a music platform, Glade would be able to tap into these moments and build an emotional connection with the target audience.

Fuse negotiated and managed a partnership with Spotify, the leading music streaming platform. Spotify curated three bespoke playlists, one to accompany each of the new fragrances. Music for each playlist was inspired by the scent – with upbeat, vibrant and playful songs for ‘Berry Pop’ and more mellow tracks for ‘Smooth Amber Beats’ and ‘Acoustic Spice’.

Spotify users were driven to the playlists through audio ads and digital formats across the site and in the app. Users also had the chance to win a free six month Spotify Premium membership, in partnership with Tesco, the chosen retailer partner for the competition. The partnership ran in retailer comms and in store, increasing the reach of the partnership and encouraging further engagement with the playlists.

IMPACT: Increasing brand awareness and driving engagement

The partnership reached 1.11m users and over-delivered on impressions for audio, desktop and mobile with a CTR of 0.71% versus the benchmark of 0.64%